Impossible to upload to the board

Hi all,

I've spent hours trying to upload the simple Blink.pde file to my board. It works fine when I use the Arduino.exe application, I just click upload and it works.
However, when I try to upload the same file via arvdude.exe, it just won't work.
I used this solution, see's post.
I did absolutely everything as he said, I tried many other solutions, I tried to press reset at the same time, before, after...

I tried so many ways to get the file uploaded to the board.
Here is the classic error I get: stk500_getsync() not in sync resp=0x00

I checked the burn rate, the port, the cpu clock frequency, everything.

I just don't know what's wrong, it's driving me crazy, plus it works with the arduino.exe, but my goal is to fully automatize the process...

I really hope you guys will be able to help me, thanks in advance!

Do you use avrdude version 5.11 or later? Give it a try and use

avrdude.exe -c arduino -p atmega....