Improper Servo library documentation.


Correction to the servo library documentation.

Write method: The value of "180" represents an angle of 180 only for 180 degree servos.
In reality 180 represents the value of the max angle of the servo.

If the servo is a 90 degree "write (180)" will make a 90 degree angle.
-> I haven't checked it not having a 90 degree servo

Likewise with a 270 degree servo "write (180)" will make an angle of 270 degrees
-> I checked it yesterday with a servo 270 degrees.

Contrary to what one can read the min and max duration of the impulse created by the servo library is not 1 ms and 2 ms but 0.6 ms and 2.4 ms which seem to be the current standard of servos. -> I checked it yesterday with à logic analysor (clone Saleae)