Improvement: compiler speed and reliabilty

what is with the compiler speed? it takes on my atom 1,6ghz with 3gigs of ram around 30-60second to compile a sketch with 400 lines? I change one parameter like a constant and i need to wait 30 seconds to see the change.

besides that the complier is unreliable. i had it to compile one of my projects, and it compiled. and it compiled... and so on. Until i realized that it hang. ?! ok, lets do that again.. restart of arduino ide, restart of computer... nothing helps. no warning message.

ok, lets go throug my code and i selectively commented things out that were lastly added.

what i found out: there were two things that did not cause the problem on its own, but it seems that there needs to be some code around them. the first was i had some code for the SD card writes

some code here...
dataString +=";";
some code here...

instead it should be


What is the problem is that the compiler did not put an error messaged but it looped. second code where i had an ds1307 RTC


the compiler hanged/looped without error. corrected code which compiled was


this is one of few things why i will not donate my money if i see that it is not going invested into the things that matter for me:

make a kicstarter / votebox system where i can vote for things that need to be implemented as higher priority.

My backstory: I am working with the arduino for the last year now, and the thing is comming very frustrating to use. I have been trying to get to work a sketch that one month ago worked and is now just somehow screewed in i do not know why.

I have been installing it on a second PC to see if it is computer related or did anything other changed (i know i put some libriares from the new library system installing).

Did you create an example sketch highlighting the problems, and post it in the programming section with a description of what was happening.

What looped, the compiler/IDE/other...

See there is just not enough to work with here.

If datastring is a String, then dataString +=";"; works fine. I'm sorry but we cannot make changes on guess work.

no. i did not made an example code. i was on holidays and writen down on a paper what i observed and what worked.

i dont know what exactly looped was it the comiler or IDE.

the simptoms were so, i clicked on upload, the button went highlighted. in the space bellow output by the (compiler ?) was given. the bar raised to lets say 33%. after that i do not know exactly how the output window behaved, but for sure i know, the upload button was still highlighted. the proccess manager showed that one program is called again and again it was starting and stopping. and i remember it was something from an arduino folder.

CaqKa: arduino ide was 1.6.4

Update your IDE to the latest version. You are complaining about things that have probably already been fixed.

had updated today... but besides that, i am not the only one who observed the slowness of the compiler process.

and besides that, forum is here to give feedback.

i know i could start with warmer words and now i am getting only negative feedback so far but: i am using arduino more than a year now and all the updates did not show any improvements on the UX side of the IDE that i described. i do understand that there may be other more important issues, but as long as arduino is focusing on the occassional begginer which wants to make a led blinking thingy, the IDE must be designed in such a way that it is a pleasure to work with it.

CaqKa: i know i could start with warmer words and now i am getting only negative feedback so far but: i am using arduino more than a year now and all the updates did not show any improvements on the UX side of the IDE that i described.

There's nothing wrong with reporting issues and suggesting improvements, in fact this is a very important contribution towards improving Arduino but in order for this to be constructive you should first check that it hasn't already been reported or fixed. Search for previous posts on the forum and the github to avoid duplicate reports. Check if the problem still occurs in the latest hourly build to be sure it isn't already fixed. This doesn't mean that you should necessarily use the hourly build for your everyday use as it is under development and may have other issues, but by responsibly reporting those issues you will also be helping the developers to improve Arduino. It would be very helpful if there was better information available on the recommended way to report issues and there is even an issue that asks for this but in the absence of answers from the Arduino team on policy this has not progressed.