Improvement opportunity: speed of forum/website

I feel that I have to wait rather often for pages to open. This is both the website as the forum. Could it be that Arduino gets too popular in respect to server performance?

We have started to ban IP numbers that are making a bad use of the website what is improving the server's performance a lot. As Massimo posted a couple of days ago, we discovered a constant flow of traffic to an undisclosed server that was sucking about 20GB daily.

Also, on Friday night we observed what we believe was a DoS attack. We have improved our QoS by buying a much more expensive server from our provider and the monitoring tools don't lie :slight_smile:

However, something I can say now is that the server doesn't die, it just slows down if we suffer DoS. We are working towards improving this even more. We are getting a lot of help, but all your opinions and feedback are needed to make this happen.