Improving latency of HC-05 bluetooth module

I need to send the raw data from an accelerometer to my computer. I am reading the accelerometer's data with the atmega of the arduino. I am then sending that info via UART to the HC-05 bluetooth module with a baud rate of 9600. I need to constantly send that data, but I am noticing that there is a delay between each transmission. It's a really bad latency, I haven't measured it but it might be around 0.3-0.5 seconds. How can I improve that? Would changing the baud rate to a higher one help (e.g 115200)?

I have been using the WT12 bluetooth module for a while, but recently it stopped working for no reason. And the HC-05 seems to be a better option because of its low price. But I really need to send data constantly, and eliminate most of the delay.

How can I do that with the HC05?

Thanks in advance.

Increasing the data rate will certainly help.

Can't say more outside of that without seeing code & a schematic.