improving midi keyboard with an ATmega32U4

Hi guys,

As i do have to stay at home for few weeks because of Covid19, i m planning to add some functionalities to my midi keyboard. It's a simple Easykey 49 and as you can see there r ony 2 potentiometers.. id like to add 6 rotary potentiometers on the right top corner.

I opened it and there is engouh room.

But i have also another project : it's to add cv / gate output to play future diy eurorack modules...

I recently received a "TZT Pro Micro ATmega32U4 5V 16MHz" which is supposed to be the same as the arduino pro micro.

So my question is do you think its possible to realize both projects by using only this type of board or will i need 2 separate boards (an arduino pro micro for the midi potentiometers and a Tiny85 for the CV / Gate outputs )?

BTW : new potentiometers will be only used to send midi CC to my vsts..

thanks a lot for your time