Improving searchability in library manager

Hello. I am a few months into immersing myself in the Arduino world and learning a ton.
I do have a recommendation related to the searchability of the Library Manager in the Arduino IDE (desktop edition, not the online one).
Whenever following along on an example, it's easy to see what libraries are required such as:

#include <SPI.h>

However a search for 'spi.h' in the Library Manager yields a ton of results, and the 'SERP' in the interface does not show the include name of the library. So now you have to click on each 'More info' link and hope to confirm this is the same library.
Assuming library names are centrally managed and therefore unique, I would love to have a search mechanism that matches the exact file name and only the file name of the library to include. This would save folks a ton of time.

I agree that would be useful. The Library Manager currently only knows what the library author defined in the metadata, and defining the header filenames is optional, but quite a few of the libraries do have this information.

Even though you likely only used it as an example, I should mention that the SPI library is not in Library Manager. The reason is because this library is very architecture specific and so wouldn't really be feasible to make a single library that supports all microcontroller architectures. Instead, the boards platform for each architecture provides its own version of the SPI library, so it's actually installed via Boards Manager (with the exception of the Arduino AVR Boards platform that comes bundled with the Arduino IDE). This isn't really apparent to the user because, although th eimplementation code might be very different from one SPI library to another, the API is standardized so the transition from one library to another is seamless to the user.

problem is that the exact match is not listed first. There are so many libraries now, that for any exact library name there are too many unrelated matches. example: WiFiManager, Encoder, Time

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