Improving the project related to PIR, TMP and Xbee

Hi, I am looking for some help regarding my Arduino project.

Please have a look at the attached images. In the images you can see the Xbee connected to the Arduino UNO using the Xbee shield. In the breadboard I am using a PIR sensor and a tmp sensor to detect motion and temperature data. The temperature and PIR data is send wirelessly using the Xbee. So far so good. Works perfectly inside the house. Now I want to move it outside the house, so basically I need to think about packaging.

With my limited knowledge I was hoping to do the following but before that want to get some feedback from the experts !!

I hope once the above two things are done, it can be placed in some box or case and will be ready to be placed in field.Can anyone suggest me any box or case for the above setup ? For casing I am not sure what things I need to consider. It will be great to have a waterproof casing. Also not sure how to expose the PIR and the TMP36 out of the box ?

I guess I haven’t missed out anything. May be in future I could replace the Arduino Uno with Attiny but first I want to try the above and see how it goes.

Maybe one of these from Bud Industries:

Or these from Polycase:

If you want better range, consider using modules with U.FL connectors and external antenna connectors. There are a lot of different antennas that are FCC approved for use with the modules (see the user manual for the XBee modules for a list of part numbers). If you put any holes in the case (for an antenna or anything else) seal up the opening with Silicone caulk to keep moisture out. If you have one handy, put a dessicant bag inside to absorb moisture (save one out of something you bought online and re-use it if it's still dry). If installing it outdoors where the sun will hit it, add something to shade the enclosure from the sun - solar heating can make the inside of the box very hot.


Please support the Open-Source ExtraBee radio module project: