IMU + Altimeter Project Help!!

Hello, I'm new to Arduino and I have a pretty big question/ project I am working on. I need to put an IMU (9 deg of freedom, gyros and accels) and altimeter in a model airplane for spin testing but it needs to be as small as possible as these models are accurately scaled in size, CG, and MoI. I was able to get a Sparkfun IMU ( 9DoF Razor) to give me data, however, I also need an altimeter to also measure the dynamic pressure of the tunnel so that will need to be external (I thinking). all the hardware needs to be independent of any outside power supply and store its own data and power. I know the IMU needs to be at the CG but everything else can be spread out within the model. I don't know if there is a shield that holds all this for me or whether I even need an Arduino board or just the instruments and a micro sd for data storage. I have been looking at some very small IMU's and boards but I just haven't had the time to learn everything from scratch. Also, how can I best upload the data to MatLab? I know this is a lot to ask but I am already blown away by the Arduino community and can't wait to become more involved.