IMU based mobile robot.

hello everyone…i am new to programming… i have an arduino UNO and adafruit BNO055 imu breakout board…has am getting output X,Y,Z in serial monitor…i dont know what to do with it…to do a mobile robot which moves in a straight line for some given distance. i hope you friends can help me with this.
and i also have chassis,2 x dc motor, L293D driver ic.

Thanking You…

What exactly is being measured to give you the X, Y and Z values bearing in mind that the IMU has 9 degrees of freedom (gyroscope, accelerometer and geomagnetic) ?

When the IMU is stationary you get a value for say X. What happens to that value when you move the IMU in the X direction then stop? What happens to the value when you move the IMU in the opposite direction then stop ?

hlo UKHeliBob...
will you show some example code for imu based mobile i can see what data they have used....toturial links are welcome as well..

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Sorry but I don't have any such code

Which library are you using and does it come with any examples ?

am having Adafruit BNO055 module.... check it out..they have some code with library.

Thanking you

check it out..they have some code with library.

I have no way of checking it out. I have no idea where to find the library or which example you are using.

If you want help then then post a link to the library and the code that you are using but read read this before posting a programming question first and follow the advice it contains with respect to formatting the code and using code tags when posting it.