IMU - Bluetooh


I need a hint in the following purpose.

I have two IMUs and Two Bluetooth. Each IMU gave me the specific information.

I plan to send the information from one IMU by its Bluetooth to another IMU (second IMUs also receives data from the first IMU by its Bluetooth). and then do calculation in the second IMU, and send data by second Bluetooth to the pc or what ever.

That is my goal. What are my problems? they are:

1- what I have from theses IMUs is the written code offered by sparkfun. which has different files. I don't know which part I have to write code, where is the memory?

2- how should I program to receive data from first Bluetooth and save data?

Could you give me a hint?

Thank you

Which IMUs? What code? Where is the Arduino in this picture? Do you know how to communicate with the blue tooth devices? Do they actually work?

All right. The IMU is 9DOF- Razor from sparkfun.

There is a sample code on that website:

This IMU has on board ATMEGA328 I could communicate with hyper terminal through the COM port by Bluetooth. I need to control receiving and saving information from another IMU and Bluetooth on the current IMU.

If my info is not understandable, please let me know. I will draw a procedure like a flowchart for better sense.

Thank you