IMU Digital Combo Board

I'm using a 6DOF IMU Digital Combo Board consisting of ADXL345 and ITG3200.
I have the datasheets for them. From it, I found:

Gyro - Range of ±2000°/sec and the sensitivity of 14.375LSB/°/s
Acc - Range of ±2g and sensitivity of 256 LSB/g

The Gyro has a 16-bit resolution and Acc has 10-bit, how does that work? I thought both are meant to have same resolution?


Normally, 16 bit signed integers are used.
Perhaps the least significant bits are useless, but you can ignore that.
The gyro produces an integer of 16 bits, but that does not mean that all 16 bits are accurate. Perhaps only 9 to 12 bits are useful.

One device is measuring acceleration and the other measuring rotation. It's like comparing apples and cheese. Your belief that they "should have the same resolution" is misconceived.