IMU Effect on Graph

How do I show the effect of Gyro and Acc on a graph? And the effect of both together?

I can't imagine how an IMU could possible affect a graph.

Graphing information from a gyroscope and from an accelerometer is a different question.

An accelerometer provides instantaneous rate of change of acceleration. Why would you want to plot that? With respect to which axis?

Where, on the Arduino, are you planning to draw this graph?

Sorry I did not mean the effect of a graph. I meant to on how to show the information on a graph. I am writing a report on Balancing robot where I need to show the effect of accelerometer alone, gyro alone, and then both combined together. I’ve seen some examples online. But no idea on how they did it. I’ve attached a graph similar to what I want to acheive.

Are you getting angle data from the accelerometer? From the gyroscope?

If so, sending the two angle values to the PC, and having some application running there listen to the serial port and graph the data would be possible. Depending on the languages you understand, and your experience level, developing this application may range from trivial to impossible.

Given that you needed to ask, I'd suspect that the trivial end of the range is not where you are at.