IMU for Localization

Hi, I am building a robot car with IMU attached for navigation and localization. Just wondering what are some hobbyist grade IMU that are suitable for this? I've read that MPU6050 is too inaccurate for localization? Any better suggestions or is the MPU6050 actually good enough?

Consumer grade IMUs are fine for 3D orientation, but useless for localization. If the robot will be outdoors, GPS is an option. Otherwise, search for "indoor localization".

yes i am intending to use it for indoor localization. i'll be using a 2D Lidar as well but i'd like to try fusing IMU in as well for learning purposes. so I reckon getting the MPU9250 will not help in localization and navigation?

This explains one of the several reasons why consumer grade IMUs are not useful for indoor localization (scroll down to "position and velocity"):

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