IMU - MPU-9250

Hello, dear geniuses,

I am working with an IMU model MPU-9250 and I am able to read data from it but I just want to ask if there is some sort of a filter or something to give me more accurate data with least fluctuations.

It is my first post on this website so I am so sorry if I did anything wrong.


I only care about yaw readings which I want it to give me the angle of rotation from 0-359 degrees, the IMU will be later mounted on a robotic ground vehicle.
The code is attached below.

Thank you so much in advance :slight_smile:

IMU_3.ino (1.98 KB)

The yaw angle is measured by the magnetometer, so that is all you need to read. For this to work, the magnetometer must be calibrated in its final place of installation, as described in this tutorial.

If you want to implement tilt compensation, you will need to read the accelerometer as well.

Theory on implementing a tilt compensated compass here and here.

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