In Arduino commerical projects, what is the correct board to use ?

Hi, i have a commerical idea that i want to make and develop by Arduino UNO board, let's say i will use Uno board, and let's say i finished my idea developing stage and it worked well, now what is the correct board to use in commerical products ?!

Is it the same one that i used in developing (the one wich is with USB jack) ? or there is a smaller one (or closed one maybe) ?


There are many small Arduinos, have a look at the product page.

The other alternative is to make your own PCB that just has the features you need.


What do you mean by a "closed" one?

If you do not need the USB functionality, you use a "Pro Mini" board which is smaller and can be mounted using pins (soldered) onto a "motherboard" of your own design for a particular purpose. Of course, if you are going to design a PCB, you might as well design it to mount the ATmega328 directly, along with the crystal oscillator and a regulator.

when you find someone to design your circuit board, ask them which to use. most people that can design your circuit board woll advise the best to use. besides, the program dictates what is needed.