In Arduino IDE how to change fuse setting to prevent copy of the program

I wanna make my ATTiny85 chip as otp (one time program)which like some PIC chip which is otp, i do not require to read back or edit the code. I read that I have to set the LB1 and LB2 to zeroes.

In Arduino IDE, how do I know what is my lock bits ? Where can I set or edit the lock bits ?

Is this not able to be set in Arduino or I need some other programmer like high voltage programmer to set this bits ?

If that is the case, is the other programmer can read arduino code ?

I think you can load an Uno with the ArduinoISP sketch and set the bits with avrdude commands, but once that is done an HV programmer is needed to erase it (right? or is it a brick?).

Unless you disable reset or disable SPI programming, you don't need HV programmer to issue the chip-erase command, which clears the flash, lock bits, and optionally the EEPROM.

That makes sense, thanks for clarifying @DrAzzy