In car temperature monitor/logger

Hi all, A friend of mine recently asked me to make him something which would let him view temperature readings from 4 probes placed in different areas of the car. These readings will then be displayed on a 20x4 ascii LCD. It will also have data logging, to record temperatures every 5, 10min (unsure of exact intervals at this stage).

So, here are the questions:

  • I have found a sensor which I think would do the job ( How effective would this be connected to an i2c adapter?
  • What is the best protocol to use for the LCD?
  • What is the most effective method for data recording to an SD card?

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That device is aDS18B20. You can get them for about half the price on eBay - plug included. There is no point in using the I2C bus, they have their own one-wire system

4x20 LCDs are usually supplied for use on the I2C bus and uise a library apprpriate for that.

You will need an SD module or use an Arduino with SD included

Thanks for the help Nick_Pyner!