In circuit debugging - possible?

Hi all, Just read this...

In circuit debugging using a PIC MCU, is this possible with arduino? I'm sure I remember stepping through pascal code (many years ago) with "breakpoints" enabled, is anything of this sort possible with arduino? At the minute I tend to use serial.print for debug but to be able to step throught the code would be akin to an orgasm!

Yes, you need to buy a JTAG debugger or something that supports debugWire

I have a AVR Dragon which would work perfectly for this kind of stuff, it integrates nicely into AVR Studio so I can place breakpoints, watch memory, etc

I also have two BusBlaster which would work with avrgcc's version of gdb (called avrgdb I think), and then I have the option of using gdb via command line or using AVR Insight

Thanks for that, I'll take a look! I'm guessing that to use these devices I'll need to make the switch to using AVR Studio? Just found an interesting tut. online which I'll have a read of! Thanks for pointing me in right direction!!

you can use GDB and Insight on the .elf file that Arduino gives you but that's a pain in the ass since that .elf file is placed into a random temporary folder

the way Arduino does file stitching makes it almost impossible to make it 100% compatible with AVR Studio but it's worth it to ditch Arduino anyways

I'd say ditch Arduino and switch to using AVR Studio. Getting a AVR Dragon is a good idea if you want out-of-the-box compatibility with AVR Studio. Getting a Bus Blaster (or similar) means you can work with AVR, ARM, CPLD, FPGA, and other stuff later.