In-circuit programming with Duemenilove board?


I've moved my Arduino onto a breadboard but would love to upload sketches to the chip without moving it back into the Arduino board.

Is there a way to connect the USB-Serial Rx/Tx pins from the Arduino board directly to the Atmega328?

Thanks, Drew


Duemilanove / ATMega328 chip Reset / pin 1 RX / pin 2 TX / pin 3

You may also want to connect power and ground.

Good luck


When moving my designs off the Arduino to dedicated hardware, I always include a 6-pin ICSP header in my hardware design. I use the ICSP header to do the initial programmig of the chip and to do any program updates needed. I use my Arduino Uno running ArduinoISP as the programmer.

As for me I make a pad for the ICSP 2x3 headers just in case but never connect it, and so far haven't needed it.

What I do is add a 5 pin header with +5v, ground, reset, TX & RX, so if I need to change code after I'm finished I can just use my Arduino board directly. It saves having to use a programmer...only one less step but since I'm very lazy I'll take whatever I can get.