In function 'void setup()': RCControl:20:13: error: expected unqualified-id before '.' token

#include <Wire.h>
#include <ZumoShield.h>
#include <ZumoMotors.h>

#define THROTTLE_PIN   4 // throttle channel from RC receiver
#define STEERING_PIN   5 // steering channel from RC receiver
#define LED_PIN       13 // user LED pin

#define MAX_SPEED             400 // max motor speed
#define PULSE_WIDTH_DEADBAND   25 // pulse width difference from 1500 us (microseconds) to ignore (to compensate for control centering offset)
#define PULSE_WIDTH_RANGE     350 // pulse width difference from 1500 us to be treated as full scale input (for example, a value of 350 means
                                  //   any pulse width <= 1150 us or >= 1850 us is considered full scale)

void setup()
  pinMode(LED_PIN, OUTPUT);
  // uncomment one or both of the following lines if your motors' directions need to be flipped


void loop()
  int throttle = pulseIn(THROTTLE_PIN, HIGH);
  int steering = pulseIn(STEERING_PIN, HIGH);

  int left_speed, right_speed;

  if (throttle > 0 && steering > 0)
    // both RC signals are good; turn on LED
    digitalWrite(LED_PIN, HIGH);

    // RC signals encode information in pulse width centered on 1500 us (microseconds); subtract 1500 to get a value centered on 0
    throttle -= 1500;
    steering -= 1500;

    // apply deadband
    if (abs(throttle) <= PULSE_WIDTH_DEADBAND)
      throttle = 0;
    if (abs(steering) <= PULSE_WIDTH_DEADBAND)
      steering = 0;

    // mix throttle and steering inputs to obtain left & right motor speeds
    left_speed = ((long)throttle * MAX_SPEED / PULSE_WIDTH_RANGE) - ((long)steering * MAX_SPEED / PULSE_WIDTH_RANGE);
    right_speed = ((long)throttle * MAX_SPEED / PULSE_WIDTH_RANGE) + ((long)steering * MAX_SPEED / PULSE_WIDTH_RANGE);

    // cap speeds to max
    left_speed = min(max(left_speed, -MAX_SPEED), MAX_SPEED);
    right_speed = min(max(right_speed, -MAX_SPEED), MAX_SPEED);
    // at least one RC signal is not good; turn off LED and stop motors
    digitalWrite(LED_PIN, LOW);

    left_speed = 0;
    right_speed = 0;

  ZumoMotors::setSpeeds(left_speed, right_speed);

Hey there, I would like some help fixing this code. It gives the error in the void setup()


This line uses an object named ZumoMotors but you have not declared that object

Are there any examples with the Zumo libraries ?

The code i posted was one of the examples but i changed it and uncommented


but that didnt work so I changed it to


and that had the issue above

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