In need of a programmer with a lot of experience in stepper motors

Hey everyone,

I'm in need of a programmer who is very confident in themselves programming stepper motors. My project requires 3 stepper motors to run off different sketches at slightly different speeds and distances. For instance I'll need one of the motors to go from Point A to Point B in 10 minutes, 12 minutes, 14 minutes, etc. The motors I will be using are Size 14 Linear Motors from Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions. Here's a link to the specific product. Now i'm not sure on which stepper driver to buy, if at all, or any other types of controllers so i'll be needing your help with that also.

If anyone is serious about helping me out let me know and we can set up a google hangout and i'll give you a way more detailed description of what I need (share drawings of my project, explain how it works)

Also my budget to get this done is around $500 (not including the motors and any other parts I might need).

Thanks everyone hope to talk to some of you soon.

Hi, I can help with this.

I have already built a linear stepper motor controller system for a client needing to control some blades on a wind turbine and a CVD to the gearbox. I have also designed a stepper motor system for a client wanting to do a basic pick and place movement of a robotic arm for abrasion testing systems.

Please feel free to drop me an email to if you have any question about these projects. You can also check my website for some more details about the sort of projects that I normally work on.

Your budget is workable for this for me also.

Cheers Pete.