In need of code and schematics for a custom project


I'm looking to hire someone to write the code and provide schematics for a current project. I have done a similar project in the past with lesser hardware, however I think my idea on this one has exceeded my current knowledge and the time that I have - so I'm looking to outsource.

Basically, I need a 7" TFT Display (800x480 No touch) to turn on and off with a PIR motion sensor and present one of 15 designated questions at random to the viewer. I have the adafruit metroX as well as the RA8875 Driver board for the 40-pin TFT and a myriad of other hardware. At this point, I'm overwhelmed and unsure if it's possible / if I even have the right things or if I was led in the wrong direction before reaching this point. I'd love to discuss this project in more detail for anyone interested in assisting.

I hope I'm also posting this in the right place.

Thank you!

What is your budget for this job?

Am just finishing up on a similar PIR based code for @kailoren from this post and it would pleasure to work with you on this if you have not already got help.

PM so we can discuss further

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