in need of guidance

I am working on a senior design team trying to develop a text input device that will communicate via Bluetooth. I was trying to find a developer kit under $200 that we could purchase and use but am having a hard time finding what I need.

I came across the Arduino Bluetooth module for about $150 on but don’t yet know enough about how Bluetooth works to know if it has everything we need. I’m a junior in electrical engineering and haven’t really taken any communications courses yet.

Could anyone tell me if they think this would work fine or recommend a kit to me? Some direction to some basic general info on Bluetooth would be great too. We would like the chip to be fairly small as it will be going in a handheld device.

I appreciate any suggestions, thanks.

First start off by thinking through the project and writing a detailed plan of exactly what you want to happen and how you plan to accomplish that. Then go out and find software and hardware that will allow you to do that. What I’m trying to get across is you aren’t ready to select your hardware yet.