In search of a bitbanging DS3231 library (HPDL1414)

I bought a HPDL1414 display, which easily can be put directly 1:1 onto a Arduino Pro Micro. The result is a nice compact "package".
Not-so-nice sideeffect is: The pins of hw I2C bus is used for simple GPIO tasks to drive the display.
Since I want to add an RTC DS3231 to this setup I now need to bitbang I2C somehow.
Is there known a bitbang capable DS3231 library or another setup to combine an DS3231 library
with another bitbanging library somehow?


can you link to the HPDL1414 display library you’re using…
You can probably modify it to release the I2C pins for their intended hardware purpose.

There may be several ways around this problem, but we need to know more.

The HPDL1414 library is the one, which is offered when searching of "HPDL1414" in the library manager. Use the one which exclusively is for this display and nothing else.

As said: I stacked the HPDL1414 display directly onto the Arduino Pro Micro - it fits 1:1.
To be able to do so and getting such a compact package this way was the reason to order
the display. Sideeffect (as described in my initial post) is the usage of the hw I2C pins for ordinary
GPIO purposes.
Therefore I need a bitbanging I2C lib, which can be used in conjunction with a DS3231 lib or
I need a DS3231 capable of bitbanging I2C itsself.

There is this library:

You can probably get the standard ds3231 library to work with that, with some tweaks.

Maybe make your own .h file, which includes the "softwire" library and declares a wire object:

SoftWire Wire(SDA, SCL);

Then include that .h in your sketch and also modify the .h file in the ds3231 library to include your .h file instead of the standard wire library.

Alternatively, the softwire library comes with an example sketch to read a ds1307 rtc. That might work with ds3231 also.

Same idea…

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