In search of an ADK board with DC/DC converter

I have an "Iteaduino ADK" board that took over 3 weeks to get to California. Somehow it got fried tonight and will not respond to input voltage.

I need a replacement urgently. I can't wait another 3 weeks for this thing to be shipped from Hong Kong to New York, where it waiting in customs for 2 weeks, before finally arriving.

The reason why I bought this board was that it had 2 things I couldn't find on any other board: Android ADK USB accessory mode compatibility and a low power consumption DC/DC converter that accepted 7-23V. My project is driven by an Android phone and it is solar powered from a 12V SLA battery, so the regulator power supplies on other boards draw too much.

Anywhere I could get something like this in a hurry would be great because I am due to fly overseas to install the project next week.