In search of assistance.

I started a very elementary project 2 years ago and three weeks into my project I had a stroke. I'm partially disabled now and would like to finish my project more than ever as the project would greatly help me with my disability.

I have several sketches that I made before the stroke and with my reduced thinking ability I'm unable to take my programing any further. Too confusing for my broken brain I guess :~. I have an Arduino UNO R3, an Arduino motor shield, and an Adafruit RTC.

Is there anyone out there who could give me a cost estimate to complete my programing. I will provide my project description/requirements and my sketches for review. We can communicate via telephone and email.


The cost will be exactly zero, at least for any assistance I provide. I’m disabled myself, Crohns and some associated fun and games. One thing I often have is time.

I’ll be happy to help, and may be of particular use because I spent five years working with disabled patients including adaptive equipment and therapies- I have background in practical Occupational and Physical Therapy, as well as adaptive learning and communication hardware.

What do you need, and how can I assist?

Curious, BTW- “midwest”- Where in the Midwest? It’s a pretty big place, spent most of my growing up years in a tiny town in Wisconsin…

focalist - did you get my PM?

Yep, was about to put together an email to you. I need to run to the pharmacy and pick up a few things, but the planned mail boils down to:

Everything you have described so far is well within the possible… in fact, I am using my first RTC on a project at the moment, I am using Dallas 12887+. Did you post about your project before, on the old forum? I seem to remember something similar to your project, if it was you, it may be useful for us to review it as a “here we are and here is where we are going” thing.

I’ve posted before about Arduino and tinkering in general being a great form of therapy… and I applaud your efforts on many levels. Recovering from something like that is a tremendous battle, and engaging and challenging your mind is a huge part of that recovery. Taking the initiative on that-- guiding your own recovery- I consider it an honor to be able to help with that if I can.

Do you ever use Skype or that sort of thing? Whatever suits you best.

Off to do those errands, then I’ll send that email with my contact information and all that. :slight_smile:

If you need some help may be out of realm of arduino like going to ARM or something else or Arduino or anything tell me ,I will consider that Free of cost and will try to provide any assistance akin to my potential.

PlayStationFarm: I have several sketches that I made before the stroke and with my reduced thinking ability I'm unable to take my programing any further.

This sounds like the write-only-code syndrome that all programmers suffer from to one extent to another: Look at code you wrote some time in the past and not able to figure it out without considerable effort. So be optimistic, it may not be what you think, or not only what you think.

At any rate, there are lots of us here that enjoy helping out in any situation. Glad you made it back on the forum.

As I am sure you know, it takes time and practice to rewire things after something like that- but if exercised, that muscle between the ears can be incredibly resilient. You've had to reteach some things to yourself, but having done so proves you are likely to be able to do more.

Enough drivel from me, off to email proggie.