'In sketch' setting of panel config parameters?

Ok.. a struggling newbie elder playing with the Yun here ..... So, I've got as far as a reasonably decent interactive web page using xml to feedback all a/d, pwm, and port status, with noiusliders, gauge.js etc , working with pc & android which is a fundamental starting point for me.

Where I want to go now is to have a text file on the sd which details ap parameters, which will get fed to the config file on startup. Or even multiple ap details, so that if no connection to one is made, the next one will be tried. I figure maybe the bridge Process.h will be involved from what I have researched so far? I have tried to interpret debugger outputs when using the control panel, but although it gives me clues, my attempts have failed so far.

I would be much appreciated to have some pointers relating to this.

Also to have the Yun ip automatically picked up and used for the post/get processes within the web page, would be handy.

That way I figure the 'user' (me), just needs something like Fing to pick up the ip of the Yun and be able to use the web page without any extra input required.

Again, any pointers / info would be appreciated.

Ok… for sending request to the Yun, after bringing up the page, and automatically assigning it’s ip to the request I’ve found to be …
sendto_var = document.domain; get the ip
// for initial verification … document.write("The referrer of this document is "+ document.domain)
// document.write (“referrer is”+ sendto_var);

sendto_var= “http://” +sendto_var +"/arduino";

request.open(“POST”, sendto_var + what_to_send + nocache, true); // sendto_var replaces ipadd
So, hopefully, whatever ip is assigned, it will refer to it.


If your URL starts with "http" it's "absolute" and you have to specify either a host or an IP address. If they are just "/arduino/etc" (without the initial "http"), they are "relative" and will work with whatever ip/host

It's good to learn these things ...... thanks for that, and for taking the time to explain it.