In stepper library what pins go to what it killed two stepper drivers!

I have drv8825 so it would be the 2 pin option

This might help;

They use either software and no library control or accellstepper library.


I would still like to know the arrangements for the 2 pin option so i know whether it could have damaged my board or not.

Stop replying actually i need the help but not from you im just not going to reply to you again as i cant figure out how to block you. Stop the attitude and off topic comments

I would say "stepper" is not written for stepper controllers but direct winding control.
2pin is for possibly uni polar steppers using a simple uln2003 type driver.
Not a drv8825 controller.

PS. Thanks for the info, drv8825

If indeed it is the motors that have been fried, the problem is unlikely to be in the Arduino to Controller wiring.

All the control on the Arduino side is low voltage/low current signalling.

The real action happens between the stepper power supply, the controller ‘drivers’, and the motors themselves where the voltages and current can let you down very quickly.
Hence that’s what Tom’s been asking since the beginning…

With your schematic, you’ll be able to see that straight away, and figure it out. Without seeing your annotated as-built diagram, anything he/we say is purely a guess.

(Tom - I’ve met him - could design and build your controller in the same length of time you’ve spent trying to figure out ‘how to abuse him’ - take it or leave it.)

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The 2 pin option in Arduino stepper library is for a 2 wire motor, the library cannot run a step/direction driver.


@ConcealedFox70 had written clearer.

Heard a sizzle unplugged my power but it was too late!
I was using accelstepper but it wasnt spinning in the right direction sometimes.
So changed library, to "stepper" library.
After finding zero documentation as to what "stepper" library does with the 4 or 2 pin layout i left it the same as accelstepper and it cooked my boards what is it !!??
Why cant arduino leave a comment as to what pin order does what?

Tom.. :grinning: :+1: :coffee::australia:

i would like to say if i had gotten the answer to my question right away instead of making such a huge fuss about it after repeatedly being told to leave my thread, would have made things a ton easier. now that i know the answer to what i wanted to know from the beginning, can the drv8825 be damaged by sending a signal for those 2 motor wire pins on step and direction pins instead? being my mistake after realizing accelstepper is too flawed to use in my case

also the pages for stepper library was not loading as the site had just undergone maintenance at the time. now that the pages load i never would have made this mistake

I recall some old time quote about a worker “blaming tools” or whatever…

I’d never used AccelStepper until about three months ago, when I was asked by a friend to help him out.
45 minutes after starting all was running as intended.
A few days later, three motors running independently with all functionality including a serial command interface, limits, memory presets and more. The only limitation was the processor speed of the UNO.

Those flaws really helped us out.

alright ya, so i have motor signals coming from my python script as string then splitting it. if you look up the axis movements of mecanum robots, you will see sequence each motor needs to rotate to complete desired axis. forward fine rotate fine but moving side to side which requires a push against each motor, well the signal is correct but the output is in the wrong direction. since no code is changing the value, it has to be the library and the strtok bug i keep hearing about clashing into each other and the method of how accelstepper bases its negative values being reverse direction speeds

Back at the top of this thread, this was asked…

How far did we get on those?

im not playing this game, you are off topic. i ask a question, and you disregard entirely

its literally assigning the input value to the motor you dont require any of those bullet point questions answered

Just to keep the thread alive…
How are your components wired?

Obviously yes - the way you’ve been trying.

i have already stated i am using a drv8825. but you dont seem to understand

the microcontroller and the drv8825 thats it

So how are they connected, and powered?