In Visual Studio code, which library did you use? Arduino or PlatformIo

What is the best between these two extension, Arduino, or PlatformIO..
with some experimentation, i think the best extension for arduino alternative is PlatformIO because of its ease of access. what do you think is the best for me in the future?
i doesnt even know their pros/cons, becouse im a newbie. What do you think?

I don't have any experience using Visual Studio Code with either, and not a lot of experience with PlatformIO in general, so take my opinion with a tablespoon of salt, but my advice for a "newbie" is to go with the Arduino extension. The reason is that PlatformIO doesn't provide perfect compatibility with Arduino. You will find that some Arduino libraries and sketches that work fine with the Arduino IDE (and thus presumably with the Arduino VS Code extension) don't work with PlatformIO. The majority of developers of Arduino libraries and sketches use the Arduino IDE and don't bother to test their code also with PlatformIO, since it's much less popular. It is always possible to modify those projects to make them work with PlatformIO, but that can be a confusing process, especially for a beginner. You will also find libraries and sketches that are falsely advertised by their authors as "Arduino", even though they only work with PlatformIO, but those are much less common.

PlatformIO is targeted to experienced developers who are offended by the beginner-friendly design of the Arduino IDE. It does have some features that may be useful to experienced developers. However, for a beginner, it really doesn't have any advantages.

Unless you really can't stand the Arduino IDE, I would recommend that you just use that to get started. For a beginner, there are already so many unavoidable complexities of learning to work with microcontrollers, that you really don't want to add the extra complication of using an IDE that was not designed with beginners in mind along with a 3rd party extension. The Arduino IDE will provide the most gentle learning curve. You can always switch to Visual Studio Code later if you feel the need for a more feature rich IDE.

Thank You Sir, your opinion is greatly apericiated

You're welcome. I'm glad if I was able to be of assistance. Enjoy!