- in wifi to php file - error: expected ',' or ';' before string constant

I am new to this form, so i want to start by saying hello.

I am working on a WiFi weather station using the sparkfun wind-rain sensors, cc3000 wifi shield and a arduino Leonardo.
This is going to be solar also but one hurdle at a time.

i am getting the error:

error: expected ‘,’ or ‘;’ before string constant

when compiling. I have used similar code to record battery voltages in testing the solar battery system and all works.

Any help would be great!!


sparkfun-windrain-wifi-7-16-15.ino (17.9 KB)

Compilation errors also come with a line number.

If you expect someone to compile the code, you also have to supply the libraries (or links to them).

Solving compilation errors is the prerequisite of computer programming.

One technique (among many) to figure it out on your own is to isolate the problem by commenting portions of the code.

This kind of error is usually reported when brackets are mismatched.

thanks for the reply... i have found my error.