INA125 Oh crap....

I wasn't paying a attention and I reversed the power plug while testing a pressure transducer amp. I had the circuit working last night perfectly. The circuit was exactly the same as the one on the cover page of the data sheet except that I was using 5volt Vref and I have to decoupling caps on the power supplies. I am using a single supply 12volt power supply.

I am not getting any voltage at 5volt Vref pin anymore (or any of the Vref pins) and all of the connections have been checked. The INA125 has power at its supply pins.

So long story short I supplied +12volts to every pin connected to ground.

Did I just cook it? :blush:

If none of the VREF pins are working it's most likely fried. Put a in4001 diode on the board in series with the power supply input to prevent that in the future.

For the record, I cooked it. I just my second INA125 from Digikey, plugged it in and everything is working perfectly.

Good thing I use sockets… lol.