INA125p noise

Hi there,

for a project I am using some DMS and an INA125P as an instrumentation amplifier. I am using the INA125P exactly as described in the data sheet with a reference Voltage of 2.5V. Now my main concern is, that I measure much noise, depending where I am. I am not using anything to block noise but I was thinking about a box made of metal. Is that a good idea and are there any other hints out there?


There is a pattern in the noise ? (looks like it) try running with USB-port disconnected. (if not possible, add external power i addition) Add a cap to ref.voltage

That spikey waveform is definitely interference, not device noise.

Yes, sensitive low level analog signals should be shielded unless they are very low impedance. That means shielded cables, connectors and metal enclosures.

DMS means what exactly?