Please, I have a problem of current measurement by current sensor '' INA169 Analog DC Current Sensor '': I use the arduino program:

// Constants
const int SENSOR_PIN = A0; // Input pin for measuring Vout
const int RS = 10; // Shunt resistor value (in ohms)
const int VOLTAGE_REF = 5; // Reference voltage for analog read

// Global Variables
float sensorValue; // Variable to store value from analog read
float current; // Calculated current value

void setup() {

// Initialize serial monitor


void loop() {

// Read a value from the INA169 board
sensorValue = analogRead(SENSOR_PIN);

// Remap the ADC value into a voltage number (5V reference)
sensorValue = (sensorValue * VOLTAGE_REF) / 1023;

// Follow the equation given by the INA169 datasheet to
// determine the current flowing through RS. Assume RL = 10k
// Is = (Vout x 1k) / (RS x RL)
current = sensorValue / (10 * RS);

// Output value (in amps) to the serial monitor to 3 decimal
// places
Serial.print(current, 3);
Serial.println(" A");

// Delay program for a few milliseconds


But, our sensor always indicates zero. I think that the problem is in the arduino program above, this program is that of another sensor: INA169 Breakout Board Hookup Guide -
could you please help me to solve this problem,
thank you in advance!!

You probably wired it wrong, but I can't say for sure since you gave no details or pictures as to how you wired your project :frowning: .