INA169 Troubleshooting - Analog pin always measures high values

Hello everyone

I have been having some trouble with the INA169 High Current Sensor. Let me explain: In my spare time I have been trying to build a really simple pinball machine with some pop bumpers and some rollovers. In conjunction with Processing I display the players score. To detect if the player has hit a pop bumper I inserted a INA169 between the connection to the power supply and the input lug of the coil of the pop bumper. To clarify: a pop bumper closes its contact between its coil and the power supply (36V so well in range of the sensor) when the ball hits it. The ball closes a very sensitive contact between the supply and its coil which then pulls the bumper downward to push the ball away. However whenever I measure the value that is giving by the sensor it states that their is voltage present on the line from the contact to the coil (values on analog pin are between 980 and 1023) which is strange because any of my bumpers are not in downward position (which indicates their is current on that line). I have hooked up my sensor like this: VCC => Power supplied by Arduino (5V) VIN+ => wire coming from the pop bumper contact VIN- => wire going to pop bumper coil GND => wire going to ground of power supply VOUT => wire going to analog pin of Arduino

I would appreciate your help and insight.

Thanks in advance