ina219 current sensing issues

I'm new to the forum game, usually I can get what I need from old forums but this time I'm stumped. I've been working on creating a smart battery charger for 2 NiMH 1.5v batteries based around the Arduino. Eventually I realized the project wouldn't be complete without a decent current sensor to regulate the charging rates. Enter the INA219 chip from Texas Instruments. Integrating this into my circuit and uploading the proper libraries I found nothing but strange outputs. The first time it read a constant "inf" in my serial monitor. The second time constant zeroes, and the third a constant -218! Perplexing to say the least. Finally I broke down and decided to use the example code that every other forum writer seems to be using and then of course it runs perfectly. Please find the attached code, image of my circuit as well as serial monitor for one of the trial runs. Any help/guidance would be greatly appreciated. Oh and Happy Holidays!!

Volt_Amp_sensor.ino (1.49 KB)