"include" file

I have seen a lot of these "include" files at the top of a sketch. i.e. include flash h, or include fade h. What are they, what do they do and how do you find them? Sorry, still learning!!!

those are header files. the compiler use these when u compile. it has some code wich might be hard to rewrite alot of times. that is why people make libarys etc..
than the libary is included trough a header file, there is alot information on this on google. try to search for: c++ header files

or try to find the libary section of the arduino pages: how to make ur own labary (or something like that)


include tells the compiler to include code from other sources such as libraries so you dont have to rewrite code or functions, the arduino comes with some stock libraries, and you can find them in the IDE though its drop down menus.

Physically they can be in a couple places, in the arduino folder under libraries, or the ones you download and add your self typically go into a libraries folder in your sketchbook folder (under my documents in windows, or your home folder for everyone else)

you can download libraries from various places on the web, here in the forums or the arduino playground on the home page.