Include files in Arduino

Hello everyone,

I need to include some files in my main…
I would like to have in the main only the setup and loop methods
I need to create a .h file? An how can I do it?
Or can I use the .pde file to include?
And what is the syntax?
#include <file.h>or
#include "file.h"or
#include <file.pde>?

thank you very much and excuse me for my bad English

Whether to use the <> notation or the “” notation depends on where the include file is located.

If the include file is in the same directory as the source file, or in some directory that the compiler searches in for that application, the “” is used.

If the file is in some standard directory that the compiler searches in for all applications, the <> is used.

The playground has some material on creating libraries.

Hi PaulS, thank you very much for your answer

I solved the problem, but I think that your link is interesting for another improvement of my program

thanks again