#include "SomeStuff.h" or #include <SomeStuff.h>

I'm wondering if there's a preferred syntax for includes from the .h , .cpp or .pde files?

Not a big deal - both seem to work, just trying to keep things slim.

Thanks - J.

Whether to use the quotes or the brackets depends on where the include file lives. The quotes are used when the file is located relative to the path of the application. The brackets are used when the file is located in a standard non-application-specific location.

The include files like pgmspace.h in the avr application path would be included using the brackets, because these files are not specific to the Arduino application.

The include files like LiquidCrystal.h are specific to the Arduino application, and should be included using quotes.

Often, compiler writers will overlook the distinction, and treat the quotes and brackets the same, but, technically, there is a difference.

Would it be safe to say, if I wasn't sure which one to use or just wanted to play it safe - then using brackets would be the way to go?

I guess I'm presuming that would at least force the compiler to 'look' for the include file.

Even though I'm pretty sure my folder/file structure is Arduino standard - some of the include files I'm using are Arduino specific - some are not.

Hope that makes sense.

Thanks - J.