Including header files using links (and not copying them to the Lib Folder)

Hi all,

I am a bunch of .h and .cpp files that I want to execute as a part of my arduino code ( which is in a different folder). Since all of this is a well established git repository, I dont want to move files around, instead I want to Link these files into the libraries folder (of Arduino) so that my code can find them. How can I do this in Windows 7 ? Since this is pretty straighforward in Linux, I was looking for a simple way in Windows


How can I do this in Windows 7 ?

Nothing in Windows is as simple as it is in Linux. Windows has reparse points which accomplish the same function as symbolic links in Linux. But, there is no interactive way to create reparse points. The closest that can be accomplished is to copy and paste as shortcut. But. not all applications follow the shortcut correctly.