Including Libraries From Custom Location Issue

I am having a wierd issue. I have a ton of libraries from helping members. So many that the list in the “examples” is longer than my screen is tall.

My idea was to organize similar libraries in one folder. I have tried every way I know of to get a sketch to recognize where the library is.

#include <led\Blink.h>
#include "led\Blink.h"
#include "F:\Applications\Arduino\arduino-1.0.4\libraries\led\Blink.h"
#include <F:\Applications\Arduino\arduino-1.0.4\libraries\led\Blink.h>
#inlcude "../led/Blink.h"

And every iteration between those. Even tried using the Documents folder with the same outcome. But I cannot get the IDE to recognize the libraries.

Simple_Blink.ino:15:23: warning: led\Blink.h: No such file or directory

With all that being said, the Examples list finds the new folder with the libraries in that folder. I can load a sketch from the list, but it won’t compile when verifying.

Arduino IDE 1.0.4
Win7 x64

Anybody got any ideas?

So, I take it as nobody knows what's going on?

Hi !

I have the same problem, at least wery equal.

For some reason Arduino 1.0.4 sems to have some bugs, this is one of these I found, an outher is that "examples" dont shows.

Try 1.0.3, it seems to handle this better, perhaps whit some outher problem.


Not exactly a solution for your problem, but I added a scroll to the menu and a library manager:

You can just disable all the libraries in 1 click and then enable the ones you need from the menu.

Thanks eried, I had your Enhanced IDE installed for a while now, but I kept the original IDE installed for those 'quick lookups'.

I am still in the novice stage of programming, but I may have out-grown the Arduino IDE.

I also want to say, thanks Eried for the work you have put into your IDE. I read your IDE thread when ever there is a new post and commend you for trying to implement every suggestion that members have.