including Multiple Libraries for one Sketch

I'm working on a basic robotics project where I'll use a pair of a radio trasmitter and receiver to tell the robot which mode to operate under (i.e. Automated, Bluetooth, rest, etc.). The problem is that I must use the VirtualWire and Servo libraries to accomplish this.

When I compiled my first run, it gave me error messages relating to troubles retrieving the two libraries. I in fact commented out the entire code except the include statements, and I got the same errors. (If anyone wants to see the code I can have it up tonight. I also split up the process checking each part, where substituting LEDs for the servo processes and a direct interface controlling the servos instead of wireless and they both worked independently)

So is there any way around this problem?

I would be helpful if you could show the error messages. Most likely is that a library is not installed properly or misnamed.

Sure. I will post a screenshot of the error messages tonight. They work fine otherwise though. Are you normally able to include multiple libraries without a problem?

Yes. They should load even if they don't play well together (like Servo and IR libraries that use the same timer).

Strange.... The problem may be with my computer... I'll upload the error messages tonight