including non .h files

I wrote an ESP8266 application some while ago which served up a web page that comprises some html,css and javascript in separate files. These files were included into the ino file and compiled into the application with the PROGMEM and the R{} directives. The files are in the main ino diectory and were included in the following way:-

#include "defines.h"
#include "Winch.h"
#include "index.html"
#include "style.css"
#include "script.js"

This worked perfectly.

Now tho' i get a file not found error unless I include the full path name of these non.h files.

#include "defines.h"
#include "Winch.h"
#include "C:\Users\paul\Sysdev\Auto Anchor\AnchorControl\index.html"
#include "C:\Users\paul\Sysdev\Auto Anchor\AnchorControl\style.css"
#include "C:\Users\paul\Sysdev\Auto Anchor\AnchorControl\script.js"

Any suggestions?


What is the content of these files? I have trouble believing they actually contain HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, other than in the form of strings in C/C++ code.

And, where ARE the files? None of the directories in the "full path" look anything like the sketch directory OR a libraries directory.