incompatible types in assignment of 'CRGB' to 'CRGB [60]'

Hello Guys!
Can any one help me with this please ?
From couple of days im trying to do one sketch from two…
Ive got 13 steps sterring with arduino duo every each step separetly plus 2 pir. ive change lots of things but now im stopped and i dont know where is the problem…
Please check attached sketch
Thanks in advance Henry :slight_smile:

error.ino (16.9 KB)

Your definition says that 'leds' is a 2-dimenstional array of CRGB objects:


But, your assignment statement only provides one array index:

leds[gUpDown[gStair + gStairLeds]] = CRGB( 0, 0, 0);

Hello Gfvalo
Thank you for your replay...
Could you help me fix that or let me know what i need to do please cose im not that good enough :slight_smile:

Again, from your code, it looks like you defined 'leds' to represent the leds in 13 NeoPixel strips with 60 leds per strip:

#define NUM_STRIPS 13


Is that your intention? If so, then in order to address a single led, you must supply the array with two indices: one for the strip number and one for the led within that strip. How did you get to a program more than 500 lines long without seeing this issue? You should be building you code up in small functional sections and test each one before moving on to the next.

In case you need a refresher on arrays, try Googling "Arduino Arrays" and "Arduino Multidimensional Arrays.