Incompatible usb cables?

I am using an arduino nano for my project. My arduino doesn't get detected when I use a usb 2.0 A to micro B cable from startech. I have posted the link of the cable below.

Surprisingly I have no problems with using other usb cables to connect the arduino or using the startech usb cable to connect other devices like external hard disk or laser range finders. I am trying to understand why this is happening. I am using ubuntu 12.04. I was specific about this cable because I wanted this for its small length (due to the space constrains in my projects).

I am just baffled with what could go wrong. Any help would be great.

Most (or all?) Arduino boards do not go through USB IF testing. It is possible that the very short cable causes an impedance problem with the Nano. Not likely, but possible.

I would look at your Operating System's logs to see if it even trying to enumerate the device.