Inconsistent connection and communication between XBees for Mavlink


I'm in the process of trying to build an ardustation (mounted to my radio) with a few extra functions in an attempt to learn more about my drone and mavlink. In the process I've fought with ensuring the XBees are configured properly and communicating well. I've followed this: to the letter. This morning I rechecked my the configurations, plugged the XBee (router) into my drone and the other XBee (Coordinator) into the mega and I was receiving more information than I ever had. I was elated. I took a break over lunch and when I came back the only information I was receiving was heartbeat information (only about 20% of what I did in the morning). How could I make this setup more consistant? Or maybe a better question, is there any method to check if the information is all making it to my mega from the Drone?

Eventually I'd like to use an additional Xbee to feed Mavlink information to Mission Planner on my laptop. Is this even possible?