Inconsistent serialprint

hi there, I'm relatively new to all of this, only received my arduino last week. Anyway, I'm trying to make a simple slider that I can use as a cross fader in ableton. I've used a 10K linear potentiometer and it all seems to be fine on the hardware side, however, when I get the arduino to print the reading from the potentiometer to the serial port (and thus read it from other software) I keep getting inconsistent results, which read like incomplete readings. For example, the serial in values might go something like this:

1022 1022 10 1022 1021 1 1022 102 1022

where the values 10,1,102 seem to be incomplete values of 1022. Consequently when I hook the software side of it up, the cross fader jumps all over the place. I've tried changing the potentiometer but that didn't help. Even when I'm using a serialprint like "knock" I get some "kno" or "k".

Any help would be greatly appreciated

best Lewis

Did you try sending the same 4 characters in a loop? So you can see if arduino is sending exact 4 characters or that your serial terminal on the pc side messes things up. What do you use for reading? The arduino IDE?

You might need a pull down resistor.

see this thread:

I dont think a pull down resistor will work since, as far as I understand it, that will return the value to 0 when the potentiometer is not being adjusted, which would constantly return the cross fader to one side. I need it to stay at its current value.

I'm not really sure what you mean by sending the same 4 characters in a loop, any chance you could explain this? I'm rather new to this all. I'm using the arduino IDE for reading but have also tried it with the serial in actor of Isadora. Both yield the same results.

thanks lewis

After having read your post agin i now see tha my pull down resistor sugestion is stupid :-) it looks like a communications problem.

How fast are you talking with the board ?

Is the baud rate the same on the PC and the Board ?

Have you tried to put a longer pause in the loop so the Arduino board do not send data to fast ?

Are you using the serial monitor in the Arduino software on the PC to recieve the data from the board ?

4 characters in a loop, just a serial.println in the loop function: void loop() { Serial.println("1234"); } Just to make sure that the connection is ok.