Incorporated Arduino DUE project - Soccer Robot


Me and my team are searching for the main uControler for the Soccer B robot of Robocup Junior Competition, that will happen on Jun/2013.

We have lots of requirements such as 3 Serial ports, 2 I2C ports, 8 analog ports, and a bunch of IO ports...

We found out the Arduino DUE, a Arm Cortex M3 plataform that meets all of our requirements. The thing is, we want to implement the DUE Hardware on our hardware, witch means that we want to "copy and paste" the hardware on our hardware, to make it simpler, and also smaller.

After deciding this, i looked into the Schematic of the Arduino Due (, and found lots of additional hardwares.

I wouldn't need the JTAG port, SPI port, and i'm thinking of removing it.

Basicaly what i'm asking here, are "tips" and also a path to succeed on doing this, because it's the first time i build a PCB board with such a "powerfull" microcontroller, and i know those uController are kind of "delicate"...

Thanks for helping, Ivan

Be careful when not installing stuff like the JTAG header as they are sometimes quite nice for programming and debugging.

I will keep the JTAG, but what about the HOST usb? I'm just not going to use it... should i keep it? if i remove, what should i do with the floating pins?