Incorrect headers received from mouser??

I ordered this item from mouser 929705-01-16-I 3M Electronic Solutions Division | Mouser Europe and in the description is had "32 contacts/positions" and ordered 2 (assuming I'd have 2 strips of 32 pins). When I got my order I received 2 strips of 16 pins. In your opinions did I receive the incorrect product, or did I misunderstand the description?

From that link it says:-

Number of Positions / Contacts: 32
Number of Rows: 1

So I would expect one row with 32 contacts on.

But earlier on in the page it said:-

Description: Headers & Wire Housings PNSTRP HDR 929 .318" ST 01TL 16/ROW G PBT

Which says one row withe 16 contacts.

So the two descriptions are contradictory. This needs to be pointed out to Mouser.

Looks like the number of contacts field is in correct.

The description says: “Headers & Wire Housings PNSTRP HDR 929 .318” ST 01TL 16/ROW G PBT"

Further, if you look at the ordering code in the data sheet, the 929705-xx-yy says that XX is the number of rows and YY is the number of pins. So the part number says 1 row 16 pins.

This would be a good use of Mouser’s “See an Error?” link…

I'll prolly do that(error link). Maybe try and get them to get me 2 more strips of 16 too, kinda feel mislead :-/. Ok not kinda, I feel really mislead. I do understand though that there's a lot of info to put in, but still those sections are the main sections people read IMO

It isn't the first mistake I've seen on Mouser. It generally happens with new products.

They are responsive to fixing mistakes though. Email customer service about resolving your order. Don't both complaining in the error link. Just state the error.

I suggest buying headers from, as they are much cheaper than mouser,
and certainly just as good. Gold-plated too.

Search p/n 222991 or 203861 if links don't work.

I buy the plain ones usually 20 X 40 pin from Ebay for $3.00 - $4.00, “Free Shipping”. I can wait a couple of weeks to save 2 or 3 dollars after all they are all made in the same plant and that one isn’t in the US either. The female sockets are about the same price… Even the Stacking headers are less expensive. I bought 40 6 pin and 40 8 Pin stackable headers for $20.00… 24 pins for a dollar, Gold “Plated” (it’s really called a gold wash).