Incorrect IDE installation folder

I was trying to flash an ESP8266 using the Arduino as a Serial to USB yesterday. When I took a break from that to access the IDE and run a simple DHT11 program (that has worked before), I kept getting compile errors because the dht11.h file couldn’t be found. After tinkering for a while and making sure all the libraries were in the right spot I just decided to download the latest IDE version.

Now I can’t open the IDE because of the screenshot I attached to this thread.

I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling various times, moving all of my old projects out of the sketchbook path, and deleting the registry.

My suspicion is that it may have something to do with my tinkering of .bin files and their cooresponding register locations when trying to flash the ESP.


It has nothing to do with esp. As the message says, you have installed/unzipped the IDE into a folder that is a subfolder of your sketchbook, like Documents/Arduino. Move the IDE away of that folder and retry

I have the same warning though I absolutely did not unzip it into a subfolder of my sketchbook, and it even worked the first time.
After the first warning I saw, I deleted the folder and re-unzipped it new (in /home/lienrag/Arduino on my Lubuntu filesystem) and it worked, after that I closed it and reopened it and it showed the same warning again.
I'm supposed to teach Arduino to my young nephews this day, this is not really helping...

/home/lienrag/Arduino is your default sketchbook folder. Try changing path, like /home/lienrag/stuff/Arduino